Announcing the new 2018 events at Masters Series by WeTeachMe

We are happy to announce that we are launching a new series of free entrepreneurial workshops at Masters Series by WeTeachMe. The new series will start in January 2018,  it’s a 6-month long syllabus of entrepreneurial education designed for startup businesses, aspiring founders, and immigrant entrepreneurs, happening on Wednesdays every week. Reserve your seat now at WeTeachMe.

Over the course of six months, the Masters Series by WeTeachMe has been contributing and managing various free workshops on entrepreneurship and the startup industry as our way of giving back. The experience has been amazing as it brings together people and leaders in the business community, hence, we continue this endeavour to provide assistance for the new rising entrepreneurs.

The time has come to take to the next level this initiative of spreading knowledge. If you have been wanting to establish your own business but you lack the knowledge on how to get from point A to point Z, or if you have decided to move to Australia and you want to start a business without any connections, a different culture, and everything unfamiliar in this foreign land, this is your chance to build on the learnings from successful founders in the business community in order for you to turn your long-time dream into a reality. Whichever position you are in your business right now, you may be in some kind of fix and the only thing that can get you further is to know where exactly to start and how to begin in implanting your self in this whole new arena called entrepreneurship.

What you need is a springboard that can launch you into action; an avenue that will provide you with a one-stop place for anything and everything about setting up a business, particularly in a foreign land. What better way to acquire all these knowledge in a fun, educational setting than to enjoy a festival that puts the spotlight on entrepreneurship and learning? WeTeachMe, together with our partners, is bringing you an event like no other where there are free workshops that will help you through the whole shebang of setting up your own business.

This entrepreneurship festival is where experts and powerhouse founders will be on hand to entertain you with answers to your business questions. It is an opportunity to meet other startup founders and entrepreneurs from various industries, different stages in their entrepreneurial journey, and varying experiences that can enlighten you and guide you towards your next steps. All these learnings in this series can pave the way towards your business success.

We would like to invite interested influencers and organisations to participate in collaborations through speaking engagement and various sponsorships. Please register your interest to participate through our quick online form. For more information on how to get involved, visit our Participate page.

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