7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Sponsor Masters Series by WeTeachMe

New trends and technologies are popping out like mushrooms, which leads to the expansion of the field of marketing at an accelerated rate. Whilst competition becomes fiercer and more aggressive, it leaves brands with more tools and strategies to creatively reach out to their target market. One particular tool that puts brands in the spotlight is event sponsorship.

Events are one of the many marketing touchpoints that brands are utilising more frequently due to the unique advantages they bring to businesses. It is a marketing tool that you can apply to your own business as well. However, instead of organising your own event, a more effective way of tapping into the benefits of events is through sponsoring one that fits your brand personality.

WeTeachMe’s Masters Series is held weekly and attended by startup founders and business owners. It is something worth looking into if you are on the lookout for an event to sponsor. Among the various events happening in the area, below are reasons why partnering with WeTeachMe for the Masters Series is beneficial to your brand.

1.) Brand exposure and awareness

When you sponsor the Masters Series by WeTeachMe, your logo and business name will be included in its newsletters, collaterals, websites and social networks. Not only that, your presence in the event will get the attendees and other partners to notice your brand and even incite a conversation piece among them. The speaking spot for sponsors can also get you in front of the audience where you can discuss your business in depth. You can also come up with out-of-the-box ideas from your partnership with WeTeachMe.

2.) Face-to-face engagement

The good thing about events is that it gives you an avenue to encounter and engage with your market face-to-face. There is nothing more appealing than getting your customers and prospects experience your brand. It increases brand recall and it provides you with an opening to connect with your market on a deeper level and establish stronger relationships with them. Face-to-face engagement allows your brand to present its human side to the public.

3.) New clients and opportunities

Note that the community of WeTeachMe and the attendees of its Masters Series are mostly entrepreneurs and business owners themselves. This means that this is a good venue where you can mine opportunities for new clients and partnerships. Not only will you be able to widen your reach but you will be able to capture a quality market that can hold a lot of promise for your brand.

4.) Lead generation

Several brands invest in events because it can help them generate good leads quickly. Event sponsorship reinforces your other marketing strategies and boosts your reach to a wider market. When you interact with the attendees of the Masters Series, not only can you engage them as new clients or business partners but you can also generate referrals from them. Since they are business owners, these attendees also have their respective communities that you can tap later on.

5.) Corporate Social Responsibility

As a partner or sponsor of the Masters Series by WeTeachMe, you are supporting our initiative of giving back to the community and helping startup founders in their businesses. This will allow you additional recognition from the City of Melbourne as an organisation that supports its initiative to turn Melbourne into a Knowledge City and as an advocate of entrepreneurial education in the state of Victoria. In effect, you are also giving back to the community as you are doing your share in helping startups in Melbourne.

6.) Brand identity and Image

WeTeachMe is currently partnered with the City of Melbourne, as well as with organisations like Inspire9, Dream Factory, Deakin, Wade Institute, and Startup Victoria. Aligning your brand with WeTeachMe and its partners can bolster your brand’s image as a trusted name in the industry. Moreover, when you take advantage of the opportunity to be a speaker in one of the Masters Series talks, you establish your brand as an authority in your field.

7.) Higher ROI

With the benefits of sponsoring the Masters Series by WeTeachMe stated above, the potential of reaping a higher ROI is something you can look forward to in the future. It is more cost-efficient than advertising in broadcasting or print media. Drawing on the targeted audience of the Masters Series that you can engage with, you can create more inroads through this event than other marketing tools can provide.

And if all the reasons above are not enough, becoming a sponsor of WeTeachMe’s Masters Series also gets you into continuous learning. Your presence in its events will allow you to hear the stories and insights of other experts, where you can pick up a tip or two that you can apply in your own business. That in itself is a nurturing agent that can help you reap more harvest. And while you are into cultivating your own enterprise, you also help nourish startups and aspiring entrepreneurs when you become a Masters Series sponsor. Your contribution can lead to an abundant community and a better future for all of us.

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