How to Build Your Community Around Your Business

Business is not just all about your product or service. Neither it is just all about profit and loss. An important element of your business is your customers as well as the communities that support the sustainability and growth of your enterprise.

Nathan Sampimon founded Inspire9 coworking network in 2009, making it the first community-driven coworking space in Melbourne. The community workspaces have doubled in size every 18 months and are amongst the largest in Australia.


For startups, engaging your prospects and customers can bring in a lot of advantages to your business. Inspire9’s Nathan Sampimon discussed How to Build Your Community Around Your Business at the Masters Series talk by WeTeachMe. “Communities do a great job of making the world seem small and accessible,” Nathan observed. “Anything is possible because of networks and connections,” he continued.

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Navigating the first 5 years of your business

A brilliant idea for a business came to mind. You worked on the concept and went about putting shape into it. You spent sleepless nights doing all the groundwork and eventually launched your venture successfully. But the hard work doesn’t stop there. The uphill part is just about to start. How do you prepare for it? Carolyn Wong shares us her experience.

Carolyn Wong is the CEO and Co-Founder of Short Story, a meaningful gift and lifestyle brand. In this role, Carolyn looks after her growing team providing support, passion, leadership and a family culture fostering personal and business excellence. Carolyn is very passionate about her business.  On any given day you can find her anywhere from product designing in the office to making cards in the warehouse.

The early stage, especially the first five years, is a crucial part of any business. Like a baby being brought out to the world, hatching a new enterprise has lots of birth pains. The adjustments, the heartaches, the trial-and-error, and the rejections are just a few of the ordeals that many business owners go through as they take their first step in their entrepreneurial journey.

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