Masters Series by WeTeachMe is an invaluable service to the community that thirsts for knowledge and new discoveries. Learning thrives in a setting where there is a free flow of information exchange. Startups flourish in this kind of environment that helps shape individuals and groups. Do you want to be a part of this worthy initiative?

Market through Masters Series by WeTeachMe

Align your company’s or organisation’s vision with WeTeachMe as you share informative insights and inspiring stories by becoming one of our speakers or by sending a contingent from your group to attend the Masters Series classes. Ensure your brand’s presence in any of the Masters Series talks by providing space, materials, resources, and other in-kind products and services that will make the Masters Series experience more meaningful and exciting.

Give to WeTeachMe

Most of the Masters Series classes that WeTeachMe offers are for free, in order to provide access to more startup founders and help them build their business. Funding support will be a huge contributing factor in enabling us to reach out to more emerging entrepreneurs and assist them with a wide array of learning that will serve as their launching pads and stepping stones towards success.

Bring the Masters Series to a bigger audience

Create platforms, produce a Masters Series talk on various media, or promote the Masters Series to your community. There are a lot of opportunities how we can bring the classes to a wider audience, particularly those who needs these the most.

If you have ideas on how else we can partner and work together in nurturing learning in your locality, we are all ears. You can also check our sponsorship package and see if this is of interest of you.

Our Partners

These are our partners that have been generously supporting us to bring the Masters Series to a bigger audience. Click on the logos for more information about our partners.

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