Partnership Package

The Masters Series has been attended by more than 1200 unique individuals since June of 2017. In just four months since it began, WeTeachMe now organises the most number of startup and business-centric events in Victoria, catering to an audience ranging from 30 – 300 registrants, a good number for our partners to make their presence felt.

For one, the Masters Series by WeTeachMe events are offered entirely free as our way of giving back to the community, where we invite the best and the brightest, the industry movers and shakers, the well-known and influential members of the world of entrepreneurs to share their learnings and experiences. These series of events are held weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm-8pm. Our speakers join as partners in their unwavering effort to help those who are in constant search to find the answers.

We are currently partnered with the City of Melbourne as part of their initiative to turn Melbourne into a knowledge city. Inspire9 and Dream Factory joined as partners, and we also are in partnership with Deakin, Wade Institute, and Startup Victoria to ensure that these series of events are promoted and has coverage across Melbourne’s business community, startup community, and general public-at-large. You can see the list of our current partners at our Partners Page.

The reach of our events, the purpose why these events are being organised, and the institutions aligned with us for these events provide you with various opportunities to partner with us.


In terms of partnership, we would like you to be primarily involved in any of the following areas:

  1. Sponsoring space for our events and promotion of the events through your own channels. Due to consistent growth in number of people discovering and attending our events, we are requiring a larger space in the City of Melbourne (CBD) within the reach of the majority of the entrepreneurs’ populace.
  2. Sponsoring basic and simple catering for attendees. Given that we run these weekly events for free, we are in need of generous sponsors to provide basic sustenance for the attendees to give them the best learning experience in the right set of mind and focus.
  3. Sponsorship on video filming. We would like to take this concept even further through sponsorship of the video production of these talks. All we need is budget for the filming, which is $850 AUD per video. If we do four videos a month we’re looking at $3,400 AUD per month. These will be TED-style talks, high production quality and will feature the movers and shakers in the industry to present and share their story and learnings. This content can be branded with your organisation and can be reused for marketing and promotion, as well as the transcript can be used for articles, quotes, and similar purposes in aide of spreading the knowledge within the business community. This will ensure an ongoing stream of content that your organisation can use, not only films, but in transcripts, articles, blogs, or social media content (facilitated by our full time copywriter), to promote entrepreneurial education in the state of Victoria.

We already have a team that will execute on the events every single week in terms of logistics, conceptualisation, marketing, promotions, speakers invitation, and communications. However, we still need support in areas mentioned above as we anticipate accelerating growth in registrations with a variable number of people between 30 at the minimum up to 100, and will be aiming for 300 gradually as we push forward to make the Masters Series the largest and the most sought-after alternative learning for entrepreneurs in Melbourne and in Victoria.


In return, what we’d like to propose moving forward is how Masters Series by WeTeachMe can support what you do, which are as follows:

  1. Promote your organisation as our partner in all of our event pages. We have scheduled weekly events for the remainder of the year and they can be viewed at As a partner, you have the opportunity to display the “WeTeachMe Official Sponsor” logo and use “Masters Series by WeTeachMe” vision, program outline and case study to use as PR/marketing content showcasing your support for business entrepreneurship in Australia.
  2. Promote your organisation’s special deals/message/promotion in our weekly newsletter. We can track effectiveness by setting up a WeTeachMe-specific coupon.
  3. Feature your upcoming events/special deals/message/promotion every week on our weekly newsletter and post event email and social media promotions allowing on-the- spot impression.
  4. Be recognised as our partner and your profile will be added to our portfolio of supporters. This will allow you additional recognition by the City of Melbourne as an organisation that supports their initiative to turn Melbourne into a Knowledge City and advocate of entrepreneurial education in the state of Victoria. This is helpful especially in terms of requesting assistance from the government through grants application and other relevant initiatives you may have in the future.
  5. Expand your network and connections in the startup /business community. Your brand’s presence in our events and activities will open doors for your organization as you can tap into the huge base of our startup founders and attendees from around the business community. We usually have 150-300 registrations per event, depending on the venue capacity, and attended by founders in the business and startup community, early stage businesses, those interested in starting businesses, and those seeking to engage with the entrepreneurial and startup community.

You can also download our detailed Partnership Package for you review.


If you are interested to be our partner for our Masters Series, we gladly want to hear from you. You may get in touch with us through to inquire more about this partnership or set an appointment for a meeting.