Adam Jelic

Adam Jelic
Founder @ Mi Goals

Adam Jelic is the founder of lifestyle stationery brand Mi Goals. Adam started noticing the positive effects of writing down his goals at the age of sixteen when he had the aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player. Little did he know 10 years later the dots would connect and his passion for personal development and design would see him create an all in one goal setting diary that was sophisticated, well- structured and would help keep him motivated as he progressed through his professional and personal goals.

In 2010 Mi Goals was born and since then the products have expanded to; Notebooks, Journals, Goals Books and Bucket List Books and have been used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to dream, plan and take action on the life they want to live. Currently Mi Goals products can be found in over 250 retail locations around the world and the goal is to continue the expansion and turn Mi Goals into a leading lifestyle brand within the next 5 years.

Adams mission is to empower people to be the best they can be – helping people get clear on their goals, stay focused and think big. From his experience in creating Mi Goals he’s learnt a lot about what it takes to turn a simple idea into reality. He believes that everyone has the capability to achieve amazing things but they all need a little inspiration and guidance to push themselves to the next level.

You can find Mi Goals online at Get in touch with Adam Jelic via LinkedIn.