Carolyn Wong

Carolyn Wong

Carolyn Wong
Founder @ Short Story

Carolyn Wong is the CEO and Co-Founder of Short Story, a meaningful gift and lifestyle brand. In this role, Carolyn looks after her growing team providing support, passion, leadership and a family culture fostering personal and business excellence.

Carolyn is very passionate about her business.  On any given day you can find her anywhere from product designing in the office to making cards in the warehouse.

Her over 15 years experience and being a self-proclaimed perfectionist has awarded Carolyn with numerous awards for product excellence including the GALA 2015 and 2017 gift awards, female entrepreneur finalist and landed works with MYER Spring Fashion Week, MECCA, HONDA and other great brands.    

Carolyn is a big believer in having gratitude, living your purpose and creating a lifestyle that leaves the world in a better place.  A go-getter by nature, Carolyn values building a brand with meaning and encouraging everyone to be the author of their own story.  A big believer in giving back, Carolyn supports several charities including Precious Wings, Challenge and is on the board for Project Gen Z who connects entrepreneurs to children, teaching them skills to dream big.

After lacking interest in her Bachelor of Oral Health studies, Carolyn decided to take a short course and completed a Cert IV in Business Management as part of the NEIS program.  Upon presenting a viable business plan she received a grant to pursue her childhood passion and goal in starting her own gift and lifestyle company.  

Carolyn is no stranger to business, having spent years working in and growing up in her family restaurant, which taught her the importance of effective management, having compassion and working on instead of in the business.

Prior to starting her meaningful gift and lifestyle brand Short Story, Carolyn spent the majority of her childhood as an amateur artist, drawing and crafting from everyday household items.  Having endless freedom meant days of exploring outdoors by the local creak and mini forests whilst experiencing different stories through her favorite channels, discovery and national geographic channel.

Carolyn currently continues her ongoing passion to live her purpose and make the world a better place, one story at a time.