Clare Burder

Clare Burder @ The Humble Tumbler

Clare has been working in the wine industry for over 14 years. She’s written about wine, made wine, taught wine appreciation, sold wine, drank a lot of wine and  in general has spent most of her career talking about wine. That might have been behind a counter at a cellar door, in a wine shop, at public tastings, on stage, hosting corporate events or at one of the wine courses  or masterclasses she’s written.

She calls herself a wine educator but her passion – really – is to bridge the gap between consumers and wine brands. She runs The Humble Tumbler – a business dedicated to teaching consumers about wine, whisky & gin –  and Vintuition – a consultancy practice specialising in training for cellar door staff. She also helps make & sell her family’s wine labels ‘Eminence’ and ‘Nimbostratus’ and in 2016 her book ‘Tipsy’ won the Wine Communicators Award for best wine book. She’s splits her time between Melbourne and the King Valley.

See Clare’s profile at and through her LinkedIn page.