Harley Alexander

Haley Alexander

Harley Alexander, Director and Founder @ M8.Digital

Here’s how Harley introduces himself: “My name is Harley Alexander, and I’m a young, yet experienced full stack designer and developer. I’m extremely passionate about my work, and couldn’t imagine it otherwise.

Since my first website project in school at the age of 12, I’ve been hooked. I designed and built my first commissioned website at 13, and wrote for Envato’s Tuts+ blogs until the age of 14. At 15, I became a published author, co-authoring “How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer” for Envato, selling over 8,500 copies worldwide.

From there, I became a freelancer designing sites, logos, and print material for a variety of clients, including start-ups, architecture firms, restaurants, corporate firms, blogs and everything under the sun.

I fell into my first full-time job at SitePoint, where I was brought on as their WordPress Expert. I handled their 7 strong WordPress network, with a million plus subscribers, as well as designed and did front end work for new internal products.

I did a brief stint at¬†WPMU.ORG¬†writing tutorials, reviews, columns and more for their beautiful blog. I quickly found that wasn’t for me, however, as I was after a more challenging and hands on role.

I moved to work at Marketing Partners, where I helped startups disrupt industries, and beat the big guys by a myriad of creative services. Along with meticulous web development, and marketing services.

In 2016 I founded M8.Digital – and fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a digital director. We love using creative technologies to solve digital problems. We use Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Apps and Sites to change small and medium businesses for the future. I’m loving every step of the way, and thrive to push myself to learn more, do better, and get sh*t done every day!”

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