Kunal Kalro

Kunal Kalro
Founder and CEO @ Eugene

Kunal is the founder and CEO of Eugene, a product that helps people make smart health choices through affordable and guided genetic screenings. He was previously the founder and CEO at OutTrippin (a travel planning startup) and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Angelcube (Melbourne’s first startup accelerator) and Inspire9 (Melbourne’s original community-led cowering space)

He is an experienced entrepreneur and product designer focused on building products that bring simplicity and accessibility to a confusing genetics+healthcare space. Kunal has a keen interest in companies that pursue global markets, having operated extensively in the Australian, US, Latin American and Asian markets.

Kunal started Eugene to promote equal access to genetic testing and to improve ethnic and racial representation in genomic and healthcare research. He firmly believes that if new genomic technologies aren’t more inclusive to diverse populations, we will worsen existing health disparities and create new ones. And he probably won’t shut up about it either, since he can be insufferable like that

Follow Kunal on Twitter: @kckal. Learn more at www.eugenelabs.com