Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke
Founder/Producer @ The Melbourne Map

Mel is the driving force behind The Melbourne Map. She conquers technological learning curves, brings artists together, talks about the project to everyone who will listen and is the founder, project manager, researcher, fundraiser, promoter and publisher of The Melbourne Map. The original Melbourne Map was her brainchild after backpacking around Europe and America and seeing the value of illustrated city drawings. Since publishing the first Melbourne Map in 1990 she moved to the country in 1997 and ventured into fish farming for 12 years then back into the arts, working for Back to Back Theatre. Seeing the enormous changes in her favourite city over these past 27 years and after being asked many times if she would update the map, she’s now on a quest to bring the enormously popular image back to life including all the new infrastructure, buildings, sporting arenas, parks and add a few more suburbs to the drawing. Most exciting is the opportunity to marry art with technology and produce an interactive app for mobile devices.

Connect with Melinda on Instagram: @themelbournemap
Facebook: The Melbourne Map