Nathan Sampimon

Nathan Sampimon
Founder @ Inspire9

Nathan Sampimon is an investor, entrepreneur, startup advisor and has been involved with many of Australia’s fastest growing startups.

Nathan’s first company was formed in 2006, a high-tech consultancy who have developed innovative solutions for PwC, Rio Tinto, Bain, LaunchVic, as well as many of Melbourne’s technology startups. With an engineering and computer science background, Nathan became involved in the early-stage startup technology companies coming out of Melbourne around 2007. Through this exposure, he saw the path for investing in early-stage technology companies and put together Melbourne’s first startup accelerator AngelCube. After raising 2 successful investment rounds, the accelerator invested in 32 companies during the 5-year fund lifecycle from 2010 to 2015. Today the companies in the portfolio are worth over $100M, and include some of Melbourne’s most successful early-stage startup companies including wireless lightbulb company LIFX, bitcoin platform Coinjar, book publishing platform Tablo and retail gamification platform Workplace Arcade.

Nathan also founded Inspire9 coworking network in 2009, making it the first community-driven coworking space in Melbourne. The community workspaces have doubled in size every 18 months and is amongst the largest in Australia.

Today Nathan is an angel investor and startup advisor to companies in Australia and the US. He actively works to create a bridge from Melbourne across to Silicon Valley and give Australian entrepreneurs the edge to become successful in global markets.

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