Nigel Wood

Nigel Wood

Nigel Wood
Founder and Director @ The Truffle Melbourne and Truffle Adelaide

Nigel is the founder and Director of the Truffle Melbourne and Truffle Adelaide truffle festivals; a truffle grower in Gippsland Victoria and a trusted Australian authority on all things truffle. In 2017, Truffle Melbourne’s winter event program featured over 40 events – from free weekend festival attracting 82,500 people to intimate truffle dinners and regional weekend truffle hunts. He also launched a successful retail and wholesale truffle business, featuring fresh truffles from across Australia and a curated range of Australian and imported truffle products.

He has personally invested more than A$0.5 Million to educate the Australian public about the joys of the truffle, especially important now that Australia is the world’s 4th largest truffle growing nation. Nigel continues to work with artisan producers in Australia and across the world to develop new truffle taste sensations.

Nigel has been associated with the Australian truffle industry for almost 20 years, initially as an investor in one of Australia’s largest truffle plantations in Tasmania. In 2010 he planted and manages a boutique style truffiere in Gippsland Victoria. This plantation has 600 host trees, mostly Quercus Ilex (Holm Oak) but also some Hazelnut trees, are mostly inoculated with the Tuber melanosporum (Perigord French black winter truffle), but some trees inoculated with Tuber bianchetto (Small Italian white truffle), a later fruiting variety.

He has been an invited presenter at numerous truffle conferences around the world including the Oregon Truffle Festival (USA), New Zealand Truffle Association and several Australian and Victorian conferences. He is also a Judge for the Australian Food Awards at the invitation of the Royal Agricultural Society and has strong relationships with truffle growers across Australia, from the largest Western Australian producers to numerous boutique producers in Eastern Australia.

Nigel’s focus in 2017/18 is the development of a range of unique Australian truffle products. To achieve this he’s working with leading chefs, food chemists, food research institutes and artisan producers, in the hope that this start-up business can compete effectively with the large European truffle companies and showcase the best of Australian truffle produce.

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