Tom Uhlhorn

Tom Uhlhorn
Founder @ Tiny

Stuck in a world that prioritised speed over strategy and subjective creativity over objective accountability, Tom left the world of agencies and “big budget marketing” to found Tiny, a Customer Experience (CX) agency. Tiny’s mission is to reinvent the role of the agency through combining strategy, data, and creativity with modern agile marketing methods.

Tom works with entrepreneurs and founders to identify the “growth hacks” in their customer experience strategy that are high in return-on-investment and scalable over time. The broad nature of his work has seen Tom involved in everything from the product design of social enterprises and med-tech solutions through to the creation and management of social media campaigns and brand design projects.

Tiny has recently launched an Agile Marketing service, a bespoke offering that seeks to make growth hacking more accessible to startups, agencies, and mature organisations.

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