Meditation and wholeness to induce productivity at work

When you go over your list of tasks for your business, you get drowned by the mundane chores that you often end up doing so many things but achieving too little or close to none. If this is your case, then there is a need to weed your thoughts of too many activities to achieve a sense of clarity that will help you become productive and effective in your work.


Al Jeffery is the Founder of Realise Flow and of Base Commons. Al has been an entrepreneur since 12 and named in the top 30 entrepreneurs in Australia under 30 twice in a row.

From the time you hatch the idea of starting your business to the point when you launch it, you have been thinking of that vision for your enterprise. Even as you go about your daily activities, you probably still think of that vision and hundreds of other ideas that you can implement in your business. During the Meditation and Happiness talk of WeTeachMe’s Masters Series, Al Jeffery pointed out how we always look forward to the future. “We always tend to project our visions, our goals, and our sense of purpose into the future. It’s something aspirational. We always forget to bring it back down to the here and now.”

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