Learning from powerhouse women in business

What used to be a man’s ballgame is now being infiltrated by women. Females now take the helm of companies and run their own playbook. The climb is still steep and the challenges are endless, but many women have shown that they, too, can take the steering wheel when it comes to driving a business to success.


Sheryl Thai began her career in the IT&T industry before she founded Cupcake Central. Sheryl won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013 at the Australian Start Up Awards and was also a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2016, Entrepreneur category. These days, Sheryl spends the majority of her days fulfilling the role as CEO of the League of Extraordinary Women, an organisation she co-founded in 2011.

Emma Welsh is the founder of Emma & Toms. Emma and her childhood friend, Tom Griffith, identified that Australians wanted more super-premium, super-tasting juices with nothing added apart from the goodness. As a result, Emma & Tom’s Life Juice was born.

In this day and age when gender equality is openly discussed, let us zoom our lens on women who get to the top of the business world and shape their own path towards entrepreneurial wins. WeTeachMe sought the help of Cupcake Central founder Sheryl Thai and Emma & Toms founder Emma Welsh to share how they did it for their respective ventures through the Masters Series talk, Powerhouse Women In Business.

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